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Dr. med. Vahid Tahami
Specialist in Surgery

We are here for you

As a qualified, highly experienced surgeon I operate not only in Switzerland but also abroad. I am specialized in the fields of General, Visceral, Vascular and Urological Surgery.

I strive to bring you the best current treatment possible based on up to date knowledge in the related surgical field. After a first discussion with your general practitioner, we will take the next steps and plan together an operation if required.

Outpatient procedures can be scheduled at the Sense Clinic. Operations that require a stay in hospital can be organized at the Daler Hospital in Fribourg or at the Beau-Site Clinic in Bern. The choice of the location, the date and the procedure will be made jointly.

Thanks to my strong network of fellow Surgeons, any complex cases of surgery may be discussed with them at the Daler Hospital or the Clinic Beau-Site in Bern.